The Bachelor

The Bachelor

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The Bachelor candle is one that caters to almost all people. I don't think I have ever had someone say they didn't like it. 

With gentle notes of saffron, sweet anise, and a hint of eucalyptus paired with rich black currants and a splash of blueberries, this candle's fragrance fills a room with so much more. Dark musk, Tonka Bean, Fennel, Amber, and dark fruits bring the candle together and enhance the intensity of how wonderful this candle is. 

A perfect candle for a bachelor, or lovely lady/man awaiting theirs.

  • 9.5 oz - 270 g
  • Double Cotton wick
  • High quality soy wax
  • High quality fragrance oils
  • All candles are handmade by me, for you! Because they are not factory-made, they may have slight discoloration, tiny marks on jars/lids, or other minor imperfections. None of these aspects will affect the great quality of this product.
  • All photos are taken by me, The Candle Guru, and are not to be used or distributed in any way, shape, or form, without my permission. 
  • Please refer to the Candle Care Card or the FAQ page to learn how to properly take care of your candle!